Fueling Greatness,

One Meal At A Time!

Are you frustrated with your weight?

Are you tired of trying multiple diets only to gain the weight back?

Looking for a structured but personalized goof proof plan? 


I have been working in the health and wellness field for over 22 years as a Registered Dietitian.  Most of my career was spent in hospitals and long term care facilities educating patients on their doctor perscribed diets. 

Everything changed 5 years ago when I decided to leave the traditional medical model and focus my efforts on health creation and behavior change. I have supported over 500 clients so far and am excited to work with you!! 


I promise to provide a personalized method to nourish your body along with tools, education and support to ensure REAL results. Together we will navigate a clear path to establish and build upon habits that will benefit your body and mind and turn you into the healthiest version of yourself. In the first 30 days you will learn how to shift your mindset around food and focus on the habits needed for long term health. 


Step 1 - Fill out the digital health assessment so I can learn a little bit about your current habits and goals  

Step 2 - Meet with me over zoom to go over the various plans and programs to see what will be the best fit for YOU




Theresa lost 75# and has kept it off for 2 years!

She is in her 40s

Ramona lost 65# and has kept it off for 4 years!  

She is in her 60s

Colleen lost 50#  and has kept it off for 1 year so far!

She is in her 50s

Kevin lost 34 # and has kept it off for 2 years!  

He is in his 70s